Spruce Shoot SyropSpruce Shoot Syrop

Spruce Shoot Syrop


The most unusual syrup you could ever taste. Pure taste of the Finnish forest

One size – 100G

Spruce Shoot Syrup is a unique and natural sweetener that brings the essence of the forest to your table. Made from the tender shoots of spruce trees, this syrup has a distinctively fresh, slightly resinous flavor that pairs wonderfully with pancakes, porridge, salads, and drinks. Its subtle piney notes add a touch of wilderness to any dish, enhancing both sweet and savory recipes with its novel taste.

Ideal for culinary enthusiasts looking to experiment with new flavors, Spruce Shoot Syrup is a versatile addition to any kitchen, offering a creative way to infuse your meals and beverages with the invigorating spirit of nature.

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