About Us

Arctic Delice

Welcome to Arctic Delice, your portal to the authentic flavors of Finland, located in the historic Vanha Kauppahalli in central Helsinki.

Our store is a haven for gourmet enthusiasts, offering an exquisite selection of premium, handcrafted Finnish delicacies.

Delight in our unique range of wild game meats, including reindeer, moose, and bear, each prepared with traditional methods to capture the essence of the Finnish wilderness.

Complement these with our variety of juices, sauces, and jams made from wild Finnish berries like cloudberries, lingonberries, and bilberries, each bursting with natural flavors.

Explore our exclusive collection of Finnish mushroom products, capturing the earthy essence of the country's lush forests. Our gourmet mustards, ranging from traditional to contemporary flavors, are perfect for adding a Finnish touch to your culinary creations.

Indulge in our syrups and traditional Finnish beverages, crafted to embody the diverse tastes of the region. For those in Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo, and across Finland, we offer delivery services, making it easy to enjoy these delicacies at your convenience. Tourists can also benefit from our delivery to hotels throughout Finland, bringing a taste of the North to their stay.

At Arctic Delice, we pride ourselves on offering the finest Finnish flavors, each product a testament to our commitment to quality and tradition. Visit us for a truly Finnish culinary experience.