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Lingonberry Jam


Soft cream jam from wild lingonberries, 56% of berries

One size  150G

This lingonberry jam, straight from the forests of Lapland, is a delightful surprise. It's not just any jam – it's crafted with 56% wild lingonberries, giving it a bold, tangy flavor that's hard to find elsewhere. The texture is just right: not too thick, not too runny, making it perfect for everyday indulgence.

Picture this: a lazy weekend morning, you're sitting at the table with a steaming cup of coffee, and you reach for this jar of lingonberry jam. Spread it on a hot, buttered crumpet or a slice of rustic bread, and it's like a burst of Lapland's fresh, wild air with every bite. It's also great for adding a pop of flavor to your porridge or a dollop on a warm waffle.

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And it's not just a breakfast companion. This jam can really shine in the kitchen. It's a secret weapon for desserts – swirl it in a vanilla cake batter, or top off a cheesecake with it for a tart contrast. For the savory side, it's great as a glaze for roasted meats or as a side to a cheese platter, offering a sweet-tart balance that elevates any dish.

What makes this lingonberry jam stand out is its connection to Lapland's wild and unspoiled nature. Each jar is a testament to the care and tradition that goes into making it. It's a simple yet elegant way to bring a taste of the Arctic wilderness into your home. Whether you're experimenting in the kitchen or just enjoying a slice of toast, this jam is a little luxury that makes everyday moments a bit more special.

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