Discover the Wilderness on Your Plate: A Journey through Our Premium Game Meat Selection

Welcome to our unique culinary destination, where the untamed spirit of the Finnish wilderness meets the refined tastes of gourmet enthusiasts. We specialize in offering a range of premium game meats, including reindeer, moose, and bear, each with its distinct flavor and heritage. Our meats are not just food; they're a story of tradition, quality, and a deep connection with nature.

Reindeer Meat: A Taste of the Arctic Wilderness

Our reindeer meat is a testament to the pure, unspoiled landscapes of Lapland. Sourced from the Saami, the indigenous people of the North, our reindeer products are imbued with centuries-old recipes and practices. Each cut reflects the harmony of traditional methods and the pristine Arctic environment.

  • Cold Smoked in Pieces & Sliced: Experience the delicate, smoky flavors with our carefully sliced and cold-smoked reindeer meat, perfect for an exquisite charcuterie board.
  • Outdoor Dried in Lapland's Arctic Air: Uniquely dried at -20°C, this method locks in a rich, concentrated flavor that's purely Lapland.
  • Pepper Graved Fillet: A luxurious treat, this fillet is seasoned with pepper and traditional spices, offering a taste that's both robust and refined.
  • Reindeer Salami: Savory and slightly spicy, our salami is a fusion of wild taste and artisanal craftsmanship.
  • Cold Smoked Heart: An adventurous delicacy, featuring the deep, nuanced flavors of reindeer heart.
  • Snacks (Chopped Sausage): Perfect for on-the-go energy, these bite-sized delights are packed with flavor.
  • Canned (100%) & Stew (100%): Convenience meets quality in these ready-to-eat options, preserving the natural taste and tenderness of reindeer meat.

Moose Meat: The Majestic Flavor of the Forest

Our moose meat selection offers a robust and earthy flavor profile, reflective of Finland's dense forests and rich biodiversity.

  • Canned Moose: Preserved at the peak of freshness, this is a versatile option for a quick, nutritious meal.
  • Moose Salami: A hearty and satisfying choice, our salami brings the essence of the forest to your table.
  • Snacks (Chopped Sausage): These snackable sausages are perfect for a quick, protein-rich bite.

Bear Meat: The Bold Choice

Bear meat is a rare and unique culinary experience. Ours is sourced responsibly, ensuring both quality and sustainability.

  • Snacks (Long Thin Sausages, 50g): These distinctive snacks are an adventurous choice for those seeking to explore new flavors.
  • Canned Bear Meat & Salami: Experience the rich and bold taste of bear meat, presented in convenient and delicious forms.

Quality You Can Trust

Our commitment to quality is unwavering. We collaborate with small-scale farmers who share our values of sustainable and ethical meat production. Each product is prepared and packaged by hand, ensuring the highest standards of quality and care.

Travel-Friendly, Nature-Friendly

Almost all our products are vacuum-packed, making them perfect for travel and able to withstand days without refrigeration. Some packages also don't require refrigeration, with specific storage instructions provided on each product.

A Commitment to Excellence

We don't sell supermarket meat. Our focus is on delivering the finest wild game in Finland, perhaps even in Europe. It's not just about selling meat; it's about offering an experience that connects you with the wilderness and traditions of this beautiful land.

Join us in this culinary adventure, where each bite is a journey through the untamed landscapes of Finland, and every flavor tells a story of heritage, quality, and respect for nature.